5 Proven Steps To Getting ACCEPTED Into
Your Dream Ivy League & Top-tier Colleges

Written by Julie Kim, Harvard Grad


Discover how to STAND OUT so you can get accepted into your dream Ivy League & Top-tier colleges without feeling overwhelmed and confused.

“Finally! A Proven Way To Actually Create a STAND-OUT factor without feeling overwhelmed, confused, and stressed!”

If you’re a high school student aiming for Ivy Leagues & Top-tier colleges, you already know that you need to STAND OUT.

Unfortunately, most high school students make the costly mistake of trying to stand out by showing that they’re PERFECT by spending hours volunteering, getting perfect grades, and attending expensive camps & summer programs.

But without creating your STAND OUT factor, you’ll waste months and years staying busy doing what everyone else is doing.

In this free workbook, you’ll learn the 5 Proven Steps to getting accepted into your dream Ivy League & Top-tier colleges EVEN if you think you’re not unique enough to get accepted into your dream college.

Using the strategies in this workbook, my students got ACCEPTED into….