What You Need to Get Accepted into your Dream College

What You Need to Get Accepted into your Dream College: The Formula for Success

When I was in 10th grade, I worked with a counselor. Although he was so popular for getting students accepted into prestigious colleges, I hated going into our monthly sessions. The reason?

He was telling me what to do without really understanding who I was. He told me to get straight A’s, get the best SAT score (and when I told him I scored lower than expected), he would just push push push me.

But he never asked me “why”.

“Julie, why are you having a hard time with AP US History?”

“Julie, why do you want to be an Opthamologist?” (which was my dream job back then)

It was always about..

“Do this. Do that. You do what I tell you to do.”

And let me tell you– I absolutely hated it.

The reason why my parents hired him was so that he would provide me with the right questions and the right resources to navigate the college admissions journey.

My parents hired him so that he’d be able to motivate me and give me clarity as to why a certain occupation or major would be a great fit for me.

My parents hired him so that they wouldn’t have to do the work (since they’re busy working 7 days per week).

Just like my horrible experience, you, as a parent, probably go through a lot of roadblocks with your son or daughter when talking about college admissions– getting good grades, preparing for the SAT/ACT, and the list goes on.

When you ask your son– “Hey, why did you get a C on your Biology exam?” –your son shuts you down by saying “Mom, I got it all figured out” or even sometimes blaming their teachers by saying “My teacher doesn’t teach.”

When you ask your daughter– “What do you think you’d like to study in college? Do you have anything in mind?” and your daughter gets even more stressed by the fact that you’re placing some sort of an expectation or pressure on her… and she gradually stops sharing everything with you so you have no idea how to help.

Does all this sound familiar?

All of this confusion, stress, and pressure easily leads to overwhelm.

Why don’t we turn that around? Why don’t we help your son or daughter find what they love to do?

When you find what you like, the sky’s the limit.

Use a proven strategy (A) and your child’s passion (B) to get them accepted into their dream colleges.

Let’s move forward with clarity and no more overwhelm and confusion.

With a proven strategy (A) and passion (B), anything is possible.

I’ve helped more than 500 students identify their interests, turn them into passion, and get accepted into their dream colleges. Every student deserves to explore what they love. Every student deserves to get accepted into their dream colleges and study what makes them come alive.


By Julie Kim Ed.M Harvard University