The Ultimate Checklist for 9th Grade Students

The Ultimate Checklist for Freshmen in High School

When I create helpful PDF booklets or write blog posts for my students and parents, my #1 goal is to make every strategy actionable. What would be the point of giving you these strategies if they were too difficult to implement?

So today, I’m going to keep my post short. Instead of “simply reading” about proven strategies and tips, I highly encourage you (and your child) to take action by downloading my ultimate checklist for current and/or rising 9th grade students

How do I know this checklist works?  

  1. My students used this checklist to identify their values, academic interests, and/or strong skill sets
  2. My students used this checklist and got accepted into competitive summer programs, participated in local volunteer opportunities, and took college courses to immerse themselves in a chosen academic area.
  3. My students used this checklist simply to get started on the sometimes daunting college admissions journey.

Nothing is going to work if your child doesn’t take any action. So, download this checklist, and get started TODAY.