The #1 Problem Holding Your Child Back

The #1 Problem Holding Your Child Back: What’s keeping them from their dream college?

As soon as I started college, I had one goal in mind.

I’m going to get straight A’s.

…Not to show off to my friends that I’m smart.

…Not to brag about how smart or hardworking I am.

I knew that getting straight A’s was important because I was planning for Harvard grad school.

My intention and motivation didn’t last too long though…

I got a C on one of my economics chapter test– it was actually my FIRST test in college.

I thought…

“What?! I pulled an all-nighter last night and I still got a C! What in the world…”

“I understood the concepts! Or some at least… This CAN’T be happening…”

After a few days of self hate and blaming my professor, I walked over to Starbucks (5 minutes away from my dorm) and journaled (still one of my favorite activities when I need space to be honest with myself).

After 15 minutes of intense journaling, I had a breakthrough as to WHY I got a C on my test.

I didn’t prepare in advance.

I procrastinated.

And procrastination is your child’s worst enemy too.

I simply thought that studying a lot before the test day (and pulling an all-nighter would do the trick)

…which obviously didn’t.

Since then, I created a 4-day planner system for myself and have taught this to hundreds of my middle and high school students.

And this is how I help my students raise their grades from a C to a B. And then a B to an A.

Planning ahead sounds so simple but it takes a huge shift in your child’s mindset.

But it works, and that’s the beauty of my 4-day planner system.

If you want to help your child get A’s on quizzes and exams (without procrastination), click here to download a free copy of my test planner!


By Julie Kim Ed.M Harvard University