How To Write The BEST Supplemental Essays

How To Write The BEST Supplemental Essays

If you’re a senior just about to get started on college essays and applications…you might go through a series of panic attacks or a realization that sounds like “Oh my goodness…why are there SO MANY college essays to write?”

So it’s natural that one of the most frequently asked questions from high school seniors is this: Are Supplemental Essays even important?

And my answer to that is YES, they are!

Supplemental Essays enable admission committees to

  1. Learn more about your extracurriculars in-depth AND
  2. Assess whether you’re a good fit for the college or university

To help you out here, I’m sharing with you my newest YouTube Episode, “How To Write The Best Supplemental Essays”!

Inside the video, you’ll learn:

  • 3 types of Supplemental Essays and how to write them so that you get accepted into your dream college
  • What to include or not to include in your supplemental essays
  • What colleges are looking for when reading your son or daughter’s supplemental essays
How to write the BEST supplemental essays