The Ivy League Formula Program 

6-Month Group College Consulting Program

April 2021 - September 2021

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What's included in The Ivy League Formula Program? 

The Ivy League Formula Program is our intensive 6-month group college consulting program that will help you to STAND OUT and WOW Ivy League & Top-tier colleges by creating your own Passion Project, landing research and/or intern positions, and focusing on important tasks that will make a difference in your college application.

Our next round is starting soon, and I’ll be guiding a small group of qualified and highly motivated high school students starting April 2021 to September 2021. We are limiting the capacity to only 30 students.

You’ll get my proprietary process to support you in strategizing your application theme, brainstorming your passion project that aligns with your theme, executing your Passion Project efficiently, and scaling the impact of your Passion Project through publications and media attention.

Inside the Ivy League Formula Program, I will personally answer ALL of your questions related to the college admissions process. I’ll guide you through crafting your unique Passion Project as I’ve done for 600+ successful students, many of whom have gone onto their dream Ivy League & Top-tier universities like Stanford, Princeton, Columbia, and Brown, and other top-tier colleges such as NYU, USC, UC Berkeley, UMich, Rice, and many more.

During these 6 months (April 2021 - September 2021), I will mentor and coach you to:

Get Crystal Clear on Your Unique Strengths - we’ll review your current college applications in light of your strengths, personality and values to make sure that each application shows your WOW factor; at this stage, we’ll also review any gaps in your application and make a plan to fill them!

Brainstorm your Passion Project - here’s where we assess your academic and personal interests and gifts to finalize your Passion Project idea.

Execute your Passion Project - next we strategize and create actionable steps to bring your Passion Project to life.

Scale your Passion Project - now we give your Passion Project that WOW factor and blow your college admissions staff away by getting you press, media attention, and publication opportunities that will ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

How does The Ivy League Formula Program work? 

  • 6-month College Consulting Program to make your application STAND OUT by creating a strong Passion Project and networking. 
  • 12 Group College Consulting Sessions (April 2021 - September 2021).
  • Lifetime Access to Passion Project Bootcamp (Original Value: $2,497).
  • Lifetime Access to College Spotlight (Original Value: $1,997).
  • Access to Private & Exclusive Student Only Facebook Group.

Interviewing my Ivy League Formula Students!

Why they joined The Ivy League Formula Program & how this program transformed their college admissions journey.

More testimonials!

"I got accepted into ED Carnegie Mellon, and I’m grateful to have followed your Passion Project system inside the Ivy League Formula Program!"

“I got accepted into UPenn and I’m SO happy I joined your program! This would not have been possible without you!”

“Your Ivy League Formula Program sessions were so impactful. Thank you so much for all the dedication you put into your program.”

“I secured two research positions: one at USC and the other at Stanford! Thank you so much!"

“The professor offered me a position! I didn’t even get the chance to ask!”

“I secured a research opportunity in the field of my choice! Thank you for all your help and encouragement!”

Ready to stand out and get accepted into

your dream Ivy League & Top-tier colleges? 

2019-2021 Acceptances

  • Stanford University (2 acceptances!)
  • Duke University
  • UNC-Chapel Hill
  • USC Marshall School of Business (WBB Program - 5% Acceptance Rate)
  • Princeton University
  • Rice University (Engineering)
  • UC Berkeley (Computer Science)
  • Emory University
  • Georgia Tech (Engineering, Aerospace)
  • University of Chicago
  • Harvey Mudd College
  • UIUC (Engineering)
  • UPenn
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • University of Washington (Computer Science)
  • Columbia University

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long are the sessions?

The Ivy League Formula sessions are two hours each.

What is the curriculum for The Ivy League Formula Program?

Month 1: Identify your winning Ivy League Top Tier Theme and establish your Big Picture Strategy.

In your first month in the program, we analyze your college application resources so far and identify what you can eliminate - this is about doing less of the right things, not overloading your plate! You’ll get crystal-clarity on your strengths, your passions, and your interests so that you can walk away with a strong Ivy League Top Tier theme that’ll make your application stand out from the sea of qualified candidates. 

Month 2: Brainstorm your Passion Project. 

You can’t just pick a Passion Project because it sounds good. Your project MUST align with your Ivy League Top Tier Theme in order to create a winning application. In month two, you’ll develop your Passion Project idea and we’ll co-design a roadmap for you to implement it. 

Months 3-4: Execute your Passion Project. 

This is where the rubber meets the road! You’ll execute your Passion Project and build any assets that go along with it, like your website, your blog, or your podcast. This is also the time when we’ll focus on key networking that will give you a huge leg up in your admissions process. You’ll connect with professors at your dream school, secure an internship to increase your credibility, and get key gatekeepers on your side. 

Let me stress that this is an exclusive small group program, so each student’s strategy will be custom-crafted for you. This is not about doing all the things! This is about hyper-focus on the ONE Passion Project that highlights your unique strengths, personality and values and makes you most appealing to your dream schools. We make executing your Passion Project exciting, and lay it out in a very simple way so that you actually enjoy the process of bringing your project to life! 

Months 5-6: Scale your Passion Project.

These last months are about building your legacy. This is where you create the meaningful impact and domino effect that colleges will love.

You might host a live event, publish your book on Amazon, or take your research project deeper. This step gets you the WOW factor that most applicants lack. I’ll also show you how to position your Passion Project in your college essays so that college admissions officers can’t help but say YES! I’ve helped more than 600 students get into their dream schools by using this method, and you deserve to have this opportunity too. 

By September 2021, you’ll feel:

  • Clear and confident about your “stand out” factor as you make your Ivy League and Top-tier applications. You’ll know you’ve developed a passion project that highlights your strengths, personality and values and sets you head and shoulders above any competition. 
  • Motivated to continue implementing your Passion Project, as you see all the positive attention it’s getting you and all the impact it’s making. 
  • Certain that you are worthy of your dream school. 
  • Excited to open that CONGRATULATIONS letter!

Does this program cover essay assistance?

Julie provides essay feedback (networking emails, professor outreach emails, resume, etc.) during the sessions!

Can you tell me more about how group sessions work?

The Ivy League Formula Program is Julie's innovative method of college consulting; it thrives off of a group dynamic. Students will be able to learn from other students, share ideas, and support from peers, and possibly collaborate on passion projects with other students. And of course, each student will gain personalized coaching from Julie every session.

How many students are in each session?

10-12 students per session!

How often do we meet?

Twice a month.

What platform are on the sessions conducted on and how do I access this?

We'll be using Zoom.

What if my child is involved in other extracurriculars and can’t make the scheduled meetings?

We offer many dates and times you can choose from, so you never have to worry about scheduling conflicts! I know how busy you all are, so we took that into consideration.

What kind of major does this program work best for? 

Building a Passion Project is the best way for you to stand out by your college admission officers whether you’re going into Pre-med, Business, Social Sciences (i.e. Psychology, Sociology, etc.) or Engineering/CS. 

For example, my student, Varun, created an in-person 5-day Passion Project and got accepted into Rice University (Engineering) and Georgia Tech (Aerospace Engineering). 

For example, my student, Sophia, landed a magazine publication (which is one of the Passion Projects I’ll teach you inside The Ivy League Formula Program) and got accepted into the University of Michigan Ross Business School.

For example, Melissa worked on a women empowerment Passion Project and got accepted into Stanford and Duke University.  

Do you have additional questions about the Ivy League Formula Program?

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“Julie!!! I made it into University of Michigan!! Thank you!!!”

“After implementing Julie’s strategies, I’m actively working with two professors (one from Columbia and the other from Rutgers). I’m also in contact with a reporter from the largest local newspaper in my region.”

“Over the past 6 months, I learned so much from Julie: from building my passion project to connecting with professors. I also learned who I was and what my values are. Thank you!”

“Over the past 6 months, I learned something I would not have learned elsewhere. You encouraged me to take actions and helped me find my personal strengths.”

“I got offered a research position at the University of Michigan! Thank you so much for your guidance and support!”

"I got a research position! Thank you so much for helping me get here!”

Are you ready to get accepted into your dream Ivy League & top-tier colleges?