Episode #99: AP Scores: How Important Are They?

I get asked by students in my Passion Project Bootcamp and Ivy League Formula Program about the importance of AP exams and scores, especially during the stressful time that is this AP season.

That is why I wanted to share a recent Facebook Live I did with you here on the podcast to answer this question, and to look at how colleges really evaluate your AP scores. I reveal what actually makes or breaks your college application, and why you need to step back to truly understand this process and to gain a wider perspective.

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Learning about what AP scores really do is actually simpler than you think, and you don’t need to be stressed out about this subject. I’ve been there too and have felt this way, so I want to take the stress out of this process for you with this episode today.



  • Whether AP scores are really important, and the actual role that they will play in your college admission decision
  • What are the determining factors that will get college admissions officers saying “yes” to your application
  • Why networking is key in this process and how you can start standing out from others
  • How even some students who score high on their AP exams still get rejected from their dream colleges (and what this means for YOU)




In the midst of stress and confusion, students will start to ask me if `{`their AP scores`}` are even important.
Your AP score doesn’t make or break your acceptance.
“You have to stand out in this process. How do you stand out? By doing things other people don’t do.”
You need to understand that even students with 4s and 5s on their AP exams get rejected from their dream college.


Getting into Ivy League & Top-tier colleges doesn’t require perfection.

I repeat: You do NOT have to be perfect.

You also don’t have to spend a million hours volunteering, get perfect test scores, or be a star athlete.

What is required is understanding How to STAND OUT.

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By Julie Kim Ed.M Harvard University