Episode #98: How to Incorporate Your Passion Project into Your College Application (The Right Way!)

If you already have a Passion Project, or you’re thinking about creating one, you may be wondering how to share your Passion Project in your college application. This is a question I get a lot, which is why today on the podcast I’m sharing 3 ways to integrate your Passion Project the RIGHT WAY.

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Whether you are a freshman, sophomore, or junior, you need to understand why you’re really doing a Passion Project to begin with, and this episode shows how it will fit into your application!



  • Why the determining factor for getting into your dream college will come down to your character and personal qualities
  • The ways you can make sure that your character and unique abilities shine through and are showcased in your project
  • A common mistake that students make in this process, and the easy ways to fix it 
  • The very first step to take before even starting on your Passion Project
  • How my students are landing research and intern positions, and how this strategy will improve your chances of getting into college 
  • The importance of incorporating college essays into your application, and how your Passion Project will help you do this
  • What ultimately happens when you’re doing something you’re not passionate about




You can create a Passion Project and you can have research positions, but if you don’t convey it in a compelling way, it’s just not going to make a difference.
The determining factor `{`in college admissions`}` comes from your character and personal qualities.
I repeat this every single day to my students, that recommendation letters will make or break your application.
If you’re doing what everyone else is doing, then everyone else is doing what you’re doing. So how are you really going to stand out in this process?


Getting into Ivy League & Top-tier colleges doesn’t require perfection.

I repeat: You do NOT have to be perfect.

You also don’t have to spend a million hours volunteering, get perfect test scores, or be a star athlete.

What is required is understanding How to STAND OUT.

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By Julie Kim Ed.M Harvard University