Episode #89: How To Create A Balanced College List

Today on the podcast, I’m coaching my Passion Project Bootcamp student Lina, someone who plays such a big leadership role inside of our peer-led Facebook community for the Passion Project Bootcamp.

I’ll be coaching her on college lists, and specifically how to create a college list that’s both realistic and balanced. If you’re aiming for acceptance into Ivy League & top-tier colleges, you’re going to want to have what I call a “safety pick” and a “possible pick”, and I explain why this strategy is ESSENTIAL in this episode.

In addition, I also reveal how many colleges she should apply to, to maximize her chances of getting accepted (and this strategy applies to you too)! I hope you can apply the information I share in this episode to your journey as well!

If you didn’t get a chance to attend my free training recently, make sure that you do because as I really do want you to have the right information as you navigate the college admissions process. I talk about the 4 mistakes that you should avoid (and a lot more) inside this free training. You can register for the free training here or go to https://juliekimconsulting.com/masterclass.  

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  • Tips on how to narrow down your college research and what you should be focusing on in this process
  • What criteria to look for when choosing colleges to apply to
  • The 4 categories you can organize your college list into
  • What I think about students taking supplementary community college classes



If you just apply to all the schools that seem really popular and prestigious, then even if you get accepted you might find that it’s not a good fit.
You’re not going to college to pursue your personal interests. You’re going to college to study and to use that knowledge for your career.
When you first create a college list, you’ll have 50 to 60, or even 100 `{`schools`}`, and then it’s your goal to narrow it down by 10 to 15.
Internship leads to a full-time job one day, so if you don’t get an internship as a college student it’s really hard to get a job after.


Getting into Ivy League & Top-tier colleges doesn’t require perfection.

I repeat: You do NOT have to be perfect.

You also don’t have to spend a million hours volunteering, get perfect test scores, or be a star athlete.

What is required is understanding How to STAND OUT.

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By Julie Kim Ed.M Harvard University