Episode #126 – You Don’t Need To Get Accepted Into Your Dream College To Be Successful (PPBC Student Interviews)

You don’t need to get accepted into your dream college to be successful. 

You may have read the title of this episode and wondered… “Is Julie serious?” Yes, I am! In this episode, I’m going to unpack what I truly mean when I say that you don’t need to get into your dream college to be successful, and what actually matters in the college admissions process and your life. 

I’ll also be sharing more interviews from our Passion Project Bootcamp students who resonate with this message. Today they reveal what they learned in the Passion Project Bootcamp Program and how they now apply it to their lives. 

Remember, we cannot define our success and our chances of being successful by where we go to college, and I want to put an end to the labelling, identifying and judging people based on this. In this midst of all the noise, you need to find yourself first because that IS actually the strategy to getting accepted into your dream college. 

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  • Why having a goal is really important and what happens when you don’t have one  
  • How the college admissions process is so much about who you become, not where you get accepted to  
  • What your focus should be on during your high school years, instead of just which college you’re going to get into  
  • How Tiffany was able to find her passion using the tools we teach in Passion Project Bootcamp  
  • The ways that the program made Brooke more confident in her own values  
  • Mundit’s approach to researching the college admissions process, how he found Passion Project Bootcamp, and the reasons why he enrolled in it 


When you’re in your high school years the focus should not be on getting into your dream college, but it should be on what is your passion, what do you want to do with your life, and who are you?
Through Julie’s help, I’ve been able to figure out myself, my values, and ultimately, what I want to contribute in my lifetime.
Nobody understood the path I was on, and that’s ok, because I know what I’m doing is great and I feel great about it.
Julie saw a passion in writing that I had, which I never even knew about, and with her encouragement I decided to make that my main theme.


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By Julie Kim Ed.M Harvard University