Episode #123 – The Complete Guide On How To Get ACCEPTED Into USC Without SAT/ACT Scores

I’m so excited to be speaking with another one of our Passion Project Bootcamp students this week! Katie just got accepted into USC Marshall School of Business, and in this episode, she reveals how she discovered that she didn’t have to follow what everybody else was doing, and the strategies she used in order to get accepted into her dream college without SAT/ACT scores. 

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  • What Katie’s college admissions journey looked like before she enrolled in the  Passion Project Bootcamp  
  • Why she decided to submit her college application without her SAT/ACT scores  
  • What ultimately made her decide to enroll in Passion Project Bootcamp after researching other college consulting companies 
  • How Julie’s networking strategies helped Katie come out of her shell as an introvert  
  • The mindset and strategic shifts that she experienced after she completed the Passion Project Bootcamp program   
  • How Katie’s Passion Project got featured on Forbes Magazine 
  • What the moment was like when Katie found out she got accepted into USC and the feelings that came with this experience



I was trying to do what everybody else was doing, and what other kids did to get into top schools. Clearly, that’s just not how it works these days, because everybody has to have their own journey.
A lot of students and parents, for the strangest reason, think they have to have 300 or 400 volunteering hours to get into college, and there’s actually no requirement `{`for that`}`.
Being introverted is okay, but that’s not a reason to not take any action.
I really didn’t think that our project would be able to get that kind of recognition, but I really think it’s that ability to reach out that helped me get to that next step.


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By Julie Kim Ed.M Harvard University