Episode #111: PPBC Coaching Call: AP Classes, Passion Project, & Research Positions

Today on the podcast I’m excited to announce that we are bringing back our coaching session episodes! In this episode, I’ll be coaching my Passion Project Bootcamp student regarding AP classes, Passion Projects, and research positions!

In this episode you’ll meet Yashaswi, a Passion Project Bootcamp student who is currently a junior. She has 3 questions for me to help her determine if she’s on the right track in her journey. You’ll hear me coach Yashaswi and give her a solution to how she can improve her Passion Project in less than 5 minutes (I know, amazing right?), and I also help her fill in the gaps with her professor outreach system. Lastly, she has questions about AP classes that you might also find very helpful!

Get ready, because this is a jammed-packed episode!

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As always, if you have questions please reach out to our support team at info@juliekimconsulting.com, and I’d love to connect with you on Instagram – I’m at http://instagram.com/julie_kim7.



  • 3 strategies to help propel your Passion Project forward
  • What you can do to show colleges how deep you’ve gone into your Passion Project
  • How to present yourself to research professors in a way that makes them want to work with you
  • Why goals are very important, but should not control your life


If you’re deepening your academic interests, then you’re becoming very niched down with your Passion Project, which then it is easier for to scale.
Enthusiasm and curiosity are things that you need to have within you, mentally and physically. So, I think it’s more about mindset.
I always say to dream big, and with really big goals and a manifesting list.
Give some space to your goals, but also believe that your success is inevitable.


Getting into Ivy League & Top-tier colleges doesn’t require perfection.

I repeat: You do NOT have to be perfect.

You also don’t have to spend a million hours volunteering, get perfect test scores, or be a star athlete.

What is required is understanding How to STAND OUT.

Join me for the FREE #ACCEPTED Masterclass where you’ll learn:

Passion Project Bootcamp is a digital course where you get my proven framework to brainstorm, strategize, execute, and scale your Passion Project, so you can get into your Ivy League or Top-tier school of choice!

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By Julie Kim Ed.M Harvard University