Episode #106: Is Your Passion Project Good Enough?

About 6 months ago, I started interviewing Passion Project Bootcamp students and sharing those coaching sessions with listeners here on the podcast. We received so much good feedback from listeners that resonated with these episodes, telling us how much they learned about our coaching process in Passion Project Bootcamp, as well as the support they can expect by joining the program.

In this episode, I am interviewing and coaching another one of my Passion Project Bootcamp students, Zeeshan. His main question is how he can really know if his idea for a Passion Project is good enough, and the ways that he can make it even better.

This is a frequently asked question we get, which is why I wanted to share it with you today in the hopes that the way I coach Zeeshan with this topic will help you as well.

Remember, this is about more than just creating a Passion Project, it’s really about self-exploration and getting to know yourself in order to get outside of your comfort zone. When you do, that is where the growth really happens.

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  • How to know if you have a Passion Project
  • Ways to identify gaps in your Passion Project to ensure that it is as unique as you are
  • Strategies for improving your professor outreach email and approach to getting a research position
  • Zeeshan’s story of why he is so passionate about math, and how you can use your own personal story in your college admissions journey 


How can we make your Passion Project more unique? Ask what it is that your audience is really struggling with.
This is not about trying to be someone that you’re not. This is just you emphasizing what you like to do.
This Passion Project is not about you. It’s about the people you get to help.
My job is to nudge you in the right direction and ask you the questions that you never thought about in that way.


Getting into Ivy League & Top-tier colleges doesn’t require perfection.

I repeat: You do NOT have to be perfect.

You also don’t have to spend a million hours volunteering, get perfect test scores, or be a star athlete.

What is required is understanding How to STAND OUT.

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By Julie Kim Ed.M Harvard University