4 Secrets to Make your College Application Stand Out

4 Secrets to Make your College Application Stand Out– besides GPA & ACT scores

This week, one of my clients asked me a question that I get asked SO MANY times…

As you know...my GPA & SAT scores are pretty good now...but I still feel anxious. Julie, what else do admission committees look at?

And here’s my answer

Besides GPA and SAT scores (which is still important), here are 4 “secret” additional factors admission officers take into consideration when reviewing your college application.

1: An upward trend

Colleges consider improvement over time. Let’s say that you have the same GPA as your competitor (let’s say 4.3W). Your GPA increased from 3.8W to 4.2W while your competitor’s GPA dropped from 4.4W to 4.2W. In this case, admission committee will view the improving student much more favorably. This upward trend also applies to SAT/ACT scores and extracurricular activities.

2: Leadership, leadership, and leadership

Being a dedicated member of school clubs is great, but college admission officers prefer students who show evidences of leadership. Some examples include Vice President of National Honor Society, Captain of Varsity Tennis Team, the Founder of non-profit organization, and much more. See how you can start running for leadership positions! If you’re scared to give it a try, don’t be! You’ll learn from every experience.

3: Research Studies

College admission committees highly recognize students who participate in research studies with a professor or faculty member at a local university or even at a company. The reason why this activity is highly valued is because students can gain new and valuable experiences as to how research works in our real society. Colleges love this!

4: Following your interests and dreams

This is the most important point above all else. Students and parents often fall into the trap of joining activities just to impress the admission committee. In reality, admission officers want to see how students’ interests authentically guide them to join clubs, internships, competitions, and etc. Let your TRUE interests guide you! In other words, flow with your intention!

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