Meet Josh — a junior at Ballard High School who started a kicking camp for local kids

I’ve started a passion project for kicking, for middle schoolers and elementary kids who aspire to be the position that I am right now in high school.

Before working with Julie, Josh had a lot of interests– but he wasn’t exactly sure of what his passion was.  On top of that, Josh was extremely busy with all of his extracurricular commitments on top of a challenging course load.  That was when he and his dad, Joe, found Julie.

That was when I got home, talked to my dad, and heard about you starting passion projects.  That’s when it started up.

And I actually had, a couple weeks ago, the first orientation and full lesson.

Josh worked hard to make everything fit his schedule– and now he feels that he’s started a project that he’s truly passionate about.

I was really surprised when a bunch of little kids went up to me and wanted to sign up for my camps and get one-on-one training.

Since starting his passion project, Josh has had a steady stream of sign ups for his kicking camp.  His website is growing and coaches of local little leagues have reached out to him as well.  On top of that, Josh was featured by the Seattle Seahawks  as the athlete of the week.

Don’t be afraid to get your name out there… you never know what could happen.

Congratulations, Josh!