How to Bounce Back from a B Grade

How to Bounce Back from a B Grade: 4 Easy Steps to Boost your GPA

Last week, I discussed 4 factors colleges consider when reviewing your application (other than GPA & SAT scores). If you missed it and would like to revisit, check out my blog post by clicking here.

So, back to the point.

Yes, yes, of course, you don’t want to get a B. But, if it happened already, here’s what you can do to bounce back and boost your GPA:

Action Step #1: Speak to your teacher

Visit your teacher during the free period about your grade, because your teacher is the person giving you the grade you don’t want. But, let’s be honest; we can have a tendency to blame our teachers for everything. So, put an end to this pattern and start looking at how YOU can improve this upcoming semester.

Action Step #2: Reevaluate your current study techniques and time-management skills

Are you cramming and studying last minute before the actual exam date? Do you simply “read” over your textbook and notes without mastering key concepts and terms?

If your answer is yes, read Action Step #3!

Action Step #3: Utilize academic resources to check your understanding

After you finish reviewing your notes from lecture slides and textbooks, be sure to utilize academic resources (i.e., sample quizzes/ tests) to test your knowledge. Sometimes, you may “think” that you mastered all the concepts from the test, but that can be far from the truth. As such, I always give out sample tests to my students (APUSH, AP World History, AP Lang, etc.) to make sure they really understand what they’ve been learning.

Action Step #4: Attend summer programs to apply your knowledge in real-life settings — GPA is not everything.

I highly encourage students to participate in summer programs for the following reasons:

  • You gain more experience conducting research, all while living on the campus of a major research-intensive university.
  • You have the opportunity to build relationships with professors and Ph.D students, as well as make friends with people from all over the world. (In 2017, more than 10 of my students received a college recommendation letter from professors — UCLA, U of Michigan, Cornell, and UPenn).
  • At a summer program, you can hone your leadership, teamwork, and communication skills.
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