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6 Strategies to Create the Perfect College List

6 Strategies to Create the Perfect College List

Two years ago, one of my seniors insisted that he wanted to apply to more than 12 schools. Because he entered my senior application program later than my other rising seniors, he had already created preliminary college list on his own.  After reviewing his choices, I warned him that applying to 12 or more colleges would be a lot of
Not enough time to study THIS might be the reason

Not enough time to study? THIS might be the reason!

Have you recently heard any of these statements from your son or daughter? I don't have enough time to study for all of my quizzes and tests coming up this week. I'm so stressed out! My teacher doesn't explain concepts very well, so I have no idea how to work on this problem. I need to relearn everything from the
The Ultimate Checklist for 9th Grade Students

The Ultimate Checklist for Freshmen in High School

When I create helpful PDF booklets or write blog posts for my students and parents, my #1 goal is to make every strategy actionable. What would be the point of giving you these strategies if they were too difficult to implement? Related: Top 3 Volunteer Opportunities for High School Students So today, I’m going to keep my post short. Instead
How to Build a College List your Child can be Proud of

How to build a college list your child can be proud of (free PDF included!)

Most students and families start researching colleges by... ...visiting websites, such as:,, Princeton Review, Naviance, etcetera. ...asking friends, classmates, and family members for words of advice and recommendations. ...utilizing online community groups to both ask questions, as well as gain a variety of feedback from parents and professionals. ...visiting college campuses. Related: 2017 ~ 2018 Ivy League Supplemental

7 Easy Steps to Jumpstart your Child’s Major Exploration (free PDF included!)

Today, I’m going to discuss 7 proven methods for exploring your child’s potential major. As I mentioned last week, 15-year-olds don’t need to know exactly what they want to pursue in terms of major/career, but there’s a benefit to them knowing now! It’s better to find out earlier so that your child has time to research and immerse themselves in
8 Questions to Ask your Child

8 Questions to Ask your Child: Gaining clarity on educational goals

When I start consulting new students about college, quite often, I come across this conversation pattern: “What are you interested in?” “Nothing much.” “What do you like to do?” “I don’t know.” “What makes you happy? What are you good at?” “I don’t know...yet.” This is normal. And, I’m not trying to say that you need to know everything about


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