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What Gets Ivy League & Top-tier College Admissions Officers to Say YES

So it’s time to start writing your essay for your college application. This is it. The ONE that’s going to get you into your dream Ivy League/Top-Tier school. As you start typing your first draft, you have so much you want to say. Or maybe you actually have nothing to say. With your college essays, you want to make sure
Who ACTUALLY gets into Ivy Leagues?

Who ACTUALLY gets into Ivy Leagues?

Do you think that Ivy Leagues are students with straight A’s and perfect SAT scores with pages and pages of extracurriculars and accomplishments? If you said yes, I’ve got news for you... Ivy Leagues reject more near-perfect and perfect applications than they accept! (This is straight from a Harvard admissions officer!) What they’re really looking for is something much more valuable…

5 biggest takeaways in 2018 (college admissions version)

Today is the last day of 2018 (and also, my birthday!) I love that my birthday is the last day of the year because it gives me another reason to reflect: What worked in 2018? What didn’t work in 2018? What did I learn in 2018? What about 2018 am I most grateful for? Likewise, I’d like to apply this
Your Child's New Year's Resolutions

Your Child’s New Year’s Resolutions: Setting up a year of success

Back in high school, I never really reflected back on what I accomplished, what mistakes I made, or how I wanted my next year to look like. I never set specific goals...instead, they were vague and too “hyped up”. For example… “I want to do well in school” (but never asked the question, “what does “well” mean to me? And

3 Big Mistakes Students Make on College Applications: The most important college admissions criteria now mean less

Wake up. Attend classes. Eat lunch. Come home. After-school commitment (i.e. soccer practice, Robotics club, etc.) Complete homework assignments. Study for quizzes/tests. Eat dinner. Study more. Sleep at 1 am. REPEAT. To beat the college admissions competition, high school students are overloading AP/IB classes, taking on more commitments than ever before, and staying up past midnight to make sure they
The Activities Ivy Leagues Want to See

The Activities Ivy Leagues Want to See

I’ve lost track of how many times parents have asked me: “What are we missing?” You’re probably wondering the same. Just when you start to feel confident about preparing your child for success, you hear through the grapevine that one of her classmates just got accepted for a summer internship. And you wonder, should we be looking for internships now,


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