Hi! My name is Julie Kim, and I help high school students get accepted into their dream Ivy League & Top-tier colleges by creating a unique Passion Project™.

Is this you?


julie kim consulting
julie kim consulting
julie kim consulting

So let me guess...

Don’t worry!

You don’t have to be stress yourself out to get accepted into your dream college.

I’m Julie Kim, a Harvard-graduate college consultant, the founder of Julie Kim Consulting, and the host of Demystifying College Admissions Podcast.

I have discovered how to simplify the college process and turn your passions into a compelling application that will have your dream schools saying YES!

Using my unique Passion Project™ process, I show my students how to create their stand-out factor based on their authentic interests and personality.

I have seen time and time again that is the easiest, most effective way to stand out from the crowd, create a compelling application, and show your dream school that you belong there.

For example, Melissa, one of my Class of 2020 students, came to me feeling very motivated but also overwhelmed by the application process.

Over the course of working together, I showed her how to identify and execute a Passion Project™ that would help her stand out by showcasing her love of Political Science and strength in writing.

She built a website to share why and how she got into women’s empowerment work. She even attached it to her application!

And of course, Melissa got into Stanford and UPenn.

It's not what you think it is

My Story

My high school career was less than stellar. In fact - I really struggled. I put a ton of pressure on myself to get into Harvard because I wanted to make my family proud.

You see, my parents are immigrants and added in struggles (not knowing anything about US college admissions system, no connections or network, not sure if I’m doing the right things, etc.) As a hard working immigrant daughter, I wanted to show my family that all of their sacrifices were worth it.

The problem was, I didn’t have the highest GPA or the best SAT scores.

I felt overwhelmed at the thought of taking on a ton of extracurricular activities while I was so busy studying for APUSH, AP Biology, and the SAT. I had no idea how to navigate the college admissions journey, and no help from my family. I felt so discouraged because it seemed like I couldn’t do any of the things I was told that are essential for a Top Tier/ Ivy League winning application.

So I discovered another way.

I realized that if I couldn’t do things the same way everyone else was doing them, I was going to have to find a unique way to stand out.

I used my passion for education to volunteer at a local elementary school and created a two-week math camp for underprivileged students. Not only was the camp wildly successful, but the experience changed my life.

It also led to me getting accepted into USC, and then Harvard.

I have used what I learned, and I now work with students to help them find their true passions and what they care about, AND help them get into a brand-name school.

I help my students build a stand-out Passion Project™ and create college applications that demonstrate that they are committed to their dreams, not afraid of thinking outside of the box, and know how to plan and follow through on things they actually care about.

Which is what admissions officers want to see anyway.

With this approach, I've helped over 600+ students get accepted into Yale, Stanford, Princeton, UPenn, USC, NYU, Duke, and so many more colleges using my proven Passion Project™ system.

My Class of 2019/2020 Acceptances

If you are...

#1: Looking at other students who got accepted into competitive colleges and thinking, “That will never be me”

#2: Frustrated because you were never taught HOW to study the right way so that you can manage your time and improve your study techniques to raise your GPA

#3: Not sure what you’re interested in or what you want to study because you’ve never been given a chance to explore

#4: Spreading yourself too thin and don’t have enough time and energy to work on what’s going to make a difference in your application

#5: Afraid that you’re going to mess up this one chance of getting accepted into your dream college.

#6: Anxious that even with all that you have worked on so far, which includes volunteer hours, summer camps, endless nights studying for finals, SAT prep…you might STILL get waitlisted, deferred, or worse yet…rejected.

It’s not too late. We will work together to turn your unique gifts into a compelling application that has admissions officers sitting up and saying CONGRATULATIONS!

Are you ready to get started?

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